New album not appearing in activity stream for group

Hi guys

I have just added a new album to a group and it is not appearing in the groups activity stream or the main activity stream.

I did filter for rtmedia updates as well and still nothing.

I can’t give you a link as that part of my site is private but here is a screenshot that shows that I added 17 media items and nothing in the activity stream.

Thanks in advance

Kriss :slight_smile:

That is very strange @SciFiKriss,

I tried to regenerate the issue but couldn’t make it. Please, once check if you are able to receive the activity updates on your personal wall ( profile activity / site-wide activity ). You can also debug this issue by activating any default theme of WordPress and deactivating other plugins.

If the issue still exists please check if you are able to get any activity updates when rtMedia is deactivated.