New action hook needed

Hi, I needed to add some fields to album edit page - album-single-edit.php.

Can you please add the rtmedia_add_edit_album_fields hook, like:

<div class="rtmedia-editor-description">
     <label for='description'><?php _e('Description: ', 'rtmedia') ?></label>

             echo rtmedia_description_input( $editor = false);
     <?php do_action('rtmedia_add_edit_album_fields',$media[0]->media_id); ?>
 <input type="submit" name="submit" class='rtmedia-save-album' value="<?php _e('Save Changes', 'rtmedia'); ?>" />

Thanks for confirmation, that my changes will be upgrade safe…

Thank you @Vaclav_Greif for your nice suggestion to add hook for the album fields. I will discuss this with the team and let you know about this.

Have a nice day!

Hey @Vaclav_Greif,

Please note that if you update this core template file for yourself then it wont be upgrade safe that is if you update latest version of rtMedia then this changes to template file will be vanished.

If you are in hurry and don’t want to wait till the plugin release then you can override rtMedia templates. Please refer this documentation for more details :

Kind regards,