Need suggestion for a beginner like me


i usually only using a hosting service for wordpress site but now i got traffic spike so i need to run a vps…

but im not a developer nor have IT basic and i found out that using easyengine i can build my wordpress easy…and the best part is ee using nginx

I need help/suggestion on building my unmanaged VPS and wordpress site… im running on RAM 1 GB Storage 10 GB ans Swap 1 GB… now i need to build 2 wordpress stand alone/multisite, both of the wordpress actually still related to each other ( 1 site for news portal and 1 site for Map Directory )…

so from your point of view which ee install should i get?.. is it better i use multisite with subdomain? or subdomain but stand alone?.. and i need help main step by step to configure my vps…

this is probably the step im gonna use (This is a summary after I saw some article on your site) :

  1. install debian 7 32bit
  2. install easyengine that already have wordpress and W3tc plugin -> confuse with one should i use with fastcgi or not… if i do, how do i configure the fastcgi ?
  3. memcached – > do i need this if im using fastcgi ?
  4. zend Opcached – >do i also need this if im using fastcgi ?
    5, security vps and wordpress – > i really dont know how to hardening my vps…any link for how to hardening vps that also work with easyengine please? for wordpress i usually only use All in One Security & Firewall plugin

sorry to trouble you but i really need some suggestion to make good vps so my wordpress can fly :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you

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Hi arieski.agustria,
You should create seperate wordpress sites with ee site create sitename --wpfc option if your both sites are not related or multisite ee site create sitename --subdomain --wpfc is better option when both are ending with same domain name.
It seems that you are using debian 7, EasyEngine uses FastCGI so need for seperate configuration, no worry for zendcache, memcache EasyEngine takes care of it too.
For security of your vps, you can install some tools like fail2ban,refer this


thank you for your reply

yea i wanna use the ee that already have fastcgi because i read from here it can load fast and handle heavy traffic?

is there any guide to do the seperate config for FastCGI on debian 7 ? or should i change my distro to ubuntu?

let say i install ee for multisite with w3tc and fastcgi… and i wanna use zendcache + memcache…

after i installed ee on VPS… so my site already include all of those without needing editing some files again? and ready to go?

Thank you


after you installed ee on VPS…your site already include all of those (zendcache + memcache + fastcgi) without needing editing any files again and ready to go.


Hello @arieskiagustria,

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support ticket for now.

Feel free to create a new support ticket if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: