Need Some Optimizing Tips and Tweaks for AWS EC2 C5.4xlarge Server Instance

So I’ve got this AWS EC2 C5.4xlarge Server Instance; with Easy Engine Installed. Sites with https and Redis cache enabled.

About C5: they are the new latest compute servers with very good computation power and they have very recent processors. So if i can exactly configure things to utilize every ounce of resources that I have; I think I can get my WordPress sites perform relatively very fast and more efficiently; as there is abundant resources.

OS: Ubuntu 16 Server

Some features of this server: RAM: 32GB vCpu: 16 Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon Platinum processors EBS Optimized SSD with dedicated Provisioned IOPS Server running in a dedicated host.

Right now the server is only running few sites, what I wish to do is is configure or optimize:

  1. The Server
  2. EasyEngine
  3. PHP 7
  4. NGNIX
  5. Ubuntu

To get the most desired and fastest results for my websites; i wish to get some optimization and configurable suggestion from the RT community.

I wonder if anyone else uses medium sized servers like this.

Kindly share your thoughts and tweaks on getting the most performance squeezed out with WP and EE.

PS: I know it is an over kill server XD but i think many people have servers bigger than this.

Looking forward to your answers people. Thanks.