Need some info on the location


I need some info on the location where your plugin calls the sidebar. Since I'm testing an Genesis theme. I have the page set to no sidebar. But your plugin is placing a sidebar below the gallery.


Currently there is no code in the BuddyPress Media, which can insert a sidebar, still please give us the link where you are having trouble maybe problem is with something else.

#3 You will notice at the bottom it pulls the sidebar. I have tried other member gallery plugins and they don't show the sidebar.



Sorry to butt into this conversation, but I was inspecting the html of the url and I see sidebar code that I recognise. Not so long ago, wordpress had this code in its default theme (twenty-ten) and hence a lot of other themes, did too.

This code existed in the sidebar.php. If there was no dynamic sidebar defined (= you don't place in widgets in the sidebar), a default set of widgets were shown. This looks suspiciously like that code.

To confirm, add an empty text widget with a dummy title. It should replace the current sidebar. If that happens, just modify your sidebar.php (or of your framework).

If not, kindly contact me via email on saurabh dot shukla at rtcamp dot com with a temporary admin access (that you can destroy later), as we'd not be able to solve this without peeping in.



I completely forgot that I changed the theme. Let me put it back to a studiopress theme. -Scot


In BuddyPress themes, there is a plugin template file that every plugin for BuddyPress uses. Please check for the sidebar code in that file. It seems that the plugin template file is calling the sidebar.php on your site.