Need some help please rtmedia team

Hi there by the way nice plugin, i plan on upgrading to premium version if my website does ok when launched however for now i have no option but to use the free version but i have problems, if i install the new version of rtmedia i have a plugin conflict with another plugin that causes the media tab to display page not found and the uploader on the activity gives http error.
now i 100 percent have to use the other plugin and it is not an option to uninstall this plugin because there isnt any other plugin that does what i need it to do and it is crucial for my site overall, its a one of a kind plugin with nothing similar to it you see.

now i can however revert back to an older version of rtmedia (buddypress media) version 2.14.4 and everything works just fine and how i need it to appart from when i recieve notifications when someone comments on a photo, let me explain if someone comments on a photo in lighbox mode then the other user does infact recieve notification but when they click that notification it takes them to a page cannot be displayed same thing when commenting on a photo in media tab.

now i do realise you only support the newest versions of rtmedia but seeing as i know what the problem exactly is and knowing you have fixed this issue since version 2.14.4 could you not please give me the fix for the comments and tell me where to paste it and in which file so i can fix this myself please? this will at least solve my problems so i can launch my website and see if i can build up a userbase, and if so i can then purchase the premium version as i would want photo tagging etc in future, we could then tackle the problem of plugin conflicts when i have upgraded.

please get back to me ty.

ok this is what really gets annoying? everytime ive ever had an issue with a plugin the support team never responds to me when i ask a simple question politely? what do you offer support for if you dont answer support? ive allready stated that if i get rtmedia working i would purchase it, im not going to purchase a plugin that doesnt work for me in the first place least thing you could do is respond? i have noticed you have responded to other posts the question is why ignore some support questions and answer others? its a joke! some acknowledgement would at least be a start!

i mean whats with it? i just dont get it! i smell? am i rude? did i ask something you just dont want to adress? is it because im going bald? is it because the sun isnt shining upon your face at the time of reading this? come on .....what is it?

Hi bob, First of all I apologize for the late reply. It's not we ignoring you, your issue seems to be strange. Please check rtMedia with default theme and other plugins disabled. Regarding http error, is there any js console error or any server error you are facing?

Hi Ritesh as stated above if you read it back to yourself, i know that it is a plugin conflict, i have a custom plugin that stops rtmedia from working, rtmedia works fine without my custom plugin activated, the other plugin also uses js so i am assuming it is a js conflict, this is why i am recieving the http error when trying to upload from the activity stream and also causes the page not found error.

as stated earlier and i will tell you again, i can revert back to an older version of rtmedia (buddypress media) version 2.15.4 and everything works just fine, appart from when i recieve notifications, when someone comments on a photo in ligthbox mode then the other user does infact recieve notification but when they click that notification it takes them to a page cannot be displayed same thing when commenting on a photo in media tab. i believe this was fixed in later versions, so could you give me this fix?

if you could help me get the notifications error described above fixed in version version 2.15.4 i would be happy to use that for now.

unless you have a solution for me and my custom plugin conflicting with rtmedia from version 3.0+ of course.

Ok, so you get the mail notification regarding comment and the link inside the mail leads you to the 404 page. Am I right? If so, can you give me that mail content? And yes also give your site URL.

ritesh? you are confusing me now! let me recap in the simplest form i can think of typing

  1. rtmedia versions after 3.0 will not work with a custom plugin that i have installed on my website but rtmedia works fine when i deactivate my custom plugin!

  2. this leaves me no other option but to revert back to version 2.15.4 (because this version works appart from the bugs i will now mention again)

  3. the bugs in 2.15.4 are as follows, when a user clicks on a picture in the activity stream it pops out into lightbox mode, then when that said user proceeds to comment on the picture, a notification is sent to the user who's picture it is (which is correct), then when the user who receives the notification clicks on the notification he is taken to a page not found instead of being taken to the picture that has the comment, do you understand now?

  4. this is also happening when a user comments on another users picture via there profile pages.

Yeah, that's what I am telling you. Can you please give me your site URL so I can have a look.

but you wont be able to see the error unless i also make you a member and you have a friend? do you want me to make you a member and give you log in info??

the reason im asking is because this site isnt yet open for registration as its just for testing

Yes Bob, that's exactly I want. I can't tell what is the problem, unless I have a look.