Need some help navigating your tutorials

Hi there,

I'm a bit confused by the new structuring :-) - can you help me find a tutorial where you explain and give examples of nginx.conf?

And another question: do you guys use proxy_cache and similar directives? I just found those on another site and was wondering what exactly it does and if it is useful in a nginx + fastcgi_cache (php-fpm) setup.

All tutorials here -

Above link has a matrix of all config for easy access.

SIngle-site configs -

Multisite configs -

Even I am not happy with new layout. This is better than blog posts but may not scale well few months down the lane!

I am thinking of moving all tutorials to a MediaWiki or some other kind of wiki setup!

Anyway... Coming back to your question...

proxy_cache is used in most WordPress-Nginx tutorial to cache output of Apache in Nginx. In those cases, Apache handles PHP which is not only slower than our way but a stupid way to config Nginx! Why get Apache involved when Nginx can talk to PHP directly...

In fastcgi_cache, we cache output from PHP directly.

There are few more types. For example, uwsgi_cache mostly used by Python apps.

We use proxy_cache when using Nginx as load-balancer. In those cases, Nginx talks to few more Nginx behind the scene (on another physical server most likely).

Perfect. I was able to locate the right tutorials and compare with my configs.

Thanks for explaining the use of proxy_cache, I read the wiki on the nginx site btu didn’t realize its only useful if proxying, even though the name should have explained things :wink: