Need help with default folder permissions. PHP container restarts

I’m new to EasyEngine.
I wanted to change some source files for the WordPress website so I had temporarily changed the folder permissions to 777 for /var/lib/docker/volumes/sitecom_htdocs directory. After I reverted it back to 751, It seems like in this whole permission changing process I’ve ruined something in terms of ownership and files permission. I’ve been getting 502. I tried restarting all services but that doesn’t seem to help either.
docker ps shows that the PHP service container is constantly restarting. (screenshot attached)

Any idea on how to fix this?

Please let me know if more details are needed.


Permissions for files should be 644 and folders 755. What’s the name of that PHP container? You can see the logs of it by doing:

docker logs <PHP container name/ID>

Thanks for the response.
This is the output from the logs -

Any idea on what could be the issue?

Never seen that error before. It could be related to the folder permission you did earlier. I would create another site and check out its file/folder permissions and then apply it to your current one. Sorry can’t be much help, I haven’t used EEv4 in years but I know my way around Docker.


Yes, I already tried that approach as well. No luck tough :frowning:
It seems that the error is generally caused by a tmp folder permission issue, tmp folders are already 777 so still stuck on this.
Do you know if there’s any way with ee to fix/revert all permissions?

Thanks for the response.


No sorry. Best of luck.

No worries. Thanks for the help.

Did you ever figure out your issue? I see this is 7 days old with no additional comments.

That error definitely seems like a file permissions issue. Further, changing permissions in docker volumes can lead to interesting results. Remember that those volumes are “mounted” in the container.

In the future, you can make all the changes you wish from the command line, but first enter the shell of the site with sudo ee shell and you won’t have to worry about user or group ownership or permissions. Keep in mind that some changes may persist while others will go away at the next upgrade.

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