Need help 2nd website going to 1st one


my first website was up and running . i have created another website (both wp) . now if i type my secound website url its going to 1st website . need help . i just paused both site form cloudflare but still not fixed . what to do ? plz visit


In CloudFlare, did you turn on the cloud icon for the domains and set SSL to full in Crypto tab?


yes, i did both, ssl is full for both site. but site 2 dont have ssl installed. and traffic using cf dns, cloud icon is yellow,


There’s your problem, site 2 doesn’t have SSL but you enabled ssl for it in CloudFlare. You will need to recreate site 2 with --ssl=self or le.


thanks after turning off ssl from cf . its working


bro, need your help again. i am moving my cpanel wp site to ee server. the cpanel site used www. so i created a site using the same domain with www. now restoring the site from cloudflare backup i did using updraftplus. the domain name same as before so everything should work. if i type my website without www. its going to my 1st website. website had ssl, also cf set to full.


dropbox backup


521 means your site is offline.


Yeah , fixed it . Added cloudflare ips to digital ocean firewall .