Need complete guidance/setup process for Redis Cache Setup

Hello Friends

Can anyone show me a complete step by process for setup the redis cache on a easyengine wordpress site.


Is it necessary to add key salts in wp-config.php.

How can process redis cache without a plugin?

My case installed redis. Added pecl redis extension that enabled w3tc to store cache in redis. But I removed w3tc.

Is object cache working fine. When entered redis-server monitor It showing some results .

I am also want to know about redis caching. Is I need to edit php.ini to add redis as session handler.

What is the use of it.

Is fast cgi as full page cache redis for object cache enough for server. No Apache backend.


I only active the nginx helper plugin and purge active.

when i update a link on a page, it looks fine with updated link when i logged in but when i logged out it still showing the old link.

whether it is due to cache system ? if so then how much time it will take to update the cache for the new link.

for outer world it showing the old link but when i login to dashboard it showing the new link.

can anyone help me.


Thanks but i only use nginx.

It maybe issue with browser caching. Try chrome inconginto tab. Generally fastcgi cache valid for 60mins. But if you have any cache plugins like w3tc or wp super cache may cause this. What about your redis installation and configuration?

I am facing issues with that . Are you installed on redis server and php redis plugin?

I have to enable for whole server over 30 sites. So I not interested to edit every single wp-config.pjp