Need assist with slackbot using flask + gunicorn + nginx

i hope that is the proper place to invite or no less than i can be redirected hence however i am very new to the above aggregate of packages/services but i’ve been operating for the last few months on constructing a slackbot. the code element works as predicted and has bluehost been tested locally and on an ec2 server that i’ve.

lamentably slack calls for https in order to be publicly deployed which lead me down the gunicorn + nginx rabbit hollow (neither of which i had labored with earlier than). i worked with the a digitialocean manual to get gunicorn strolling the flask app as a service and nginx set to run the gunicorn manner thru proxy_pass and subsequently setup with certbot to paintings with https. linking slack to the nginx https site immediately bogged down all responses from the server to slack (i have study thats now not uncommon) but frustratingly it additionally randomly will go back a 500 blunders whilst receiving requests from the interactive portion of the slackbot. this 500 blunders is consistently occurring on the primary 1-five requests and will every so often provide the assume end result if requested enough times (or maybe if enough time has elapsed i do not know). this 500 mistakes most effective seems to manifest with nginx and will no longer occur if the app is run just as a flask app or thru gunicorn (both on http).

i appreciate any help you all can offer. i’m greater than satisfied to provide any logs needed but pretty certainly the error debug logs do not appear to make a ton of sense to me.

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