MySQL using all CPU resources - clean install


So having fixed the phpmyadmin issue i left the server idle for a day. Then i observed this spike:

Accessing MySQL and running “SHOW PROCESSLIST;” gives no results. The server is CLEAN, it is only running Easy Engine and a single website, which is offline (dns not updated).

MySQL keeps spiking like this until i restart it. After the spike another process shows heavy load, “watchdog”

I’ve added 4 GB of SWAP with a swappiness of 10, but i can’t see how this should affect anything.

Any ideas on the reason for this? The server is total idle, no visits, nothing. And mysql spikes in load repeatedly…


Hi, Can you please post output of

cat /var/log/mysql/*.log


No output from your command, but i found some gzipped files containing the following in the log folder:

Link to pastebin


@standoutmedia, We checked logs, nothing exceptional found. Can you provide us server access so that we can debug issue.?

You can mail me details at


Server information has been mailed to you.

Thank you for taking time, to look into this weird issue.


We look on your server, found that its hard disk issue. All other details are sent on mail


Thank you SO much! It seems to be working.

For future refrence the VPS from DigitalOcean had a faulty drive… (Yeah… great product…)

Anyway rtCamp is epic as always!