Mysql Stopped, how to autostart

I just did a test to a site running on a 2gb VPS with ee v3, the blitz killed mysql and mysql did NOT autostart.

I followed the instructions rtcamp posted about mysql to prevent crashing, and a second follow up blitz did not crash mysql as it did before the tweaks, thanks. But…how can i a ensure that if a lot of traffic hits a site running on an EE stack and kills a service (like mysql) which in affect brings down the site, that the site and required services will come back online without my intervention (rebooting service or server)?

Do you guys have some sort of supervisor script running?

We use monit for monitoring -

We have plans to add this in EE soon. :slight_smile:


Was this ever implemented? I got an email from rtcamp in regards to monit, but I definitely never installed it, yet the emails seem to be going to sys@rtcamp.