Mysql dump export access ddnied

Hello, I’ve been trying tough to download mysql database. mysqldump command is giving me 1045 access denied error. Also not able to access phpmyadmin via 22222 port. Please help. ip can share root psswd found in my.cnf file.

my question is in the following command: mysqldump -u user -p password database-name > dump.sql who is the user & password in above command ? Is it one found in wp-config.php or is it my mysql root user & its password.

In any case I’m getting access deny error.

mysqldump -uuser -ppassword database > file.sql

There is no space between -p and password.

Both root and the user found in wp-config.php, with their respective password, should work.

Actually, mysqldump database > file.sql should work fine, since the credentials in /root/.my.cnf would be used to authenticate in MySQL/MariaDB.

Still same error "Got error: 1045: Access denied for user ‘sfsuser@localhost’ (using password YES

What is “sfsuser”?

A valid MySQL username should be domain_com, for example.

Where did this username come from?

that’s the username (actually a different one). But same error 1045 access denied. It’s quite famous error for MySQL with no proper solution. Although I could successfully login using debian-sys-maint user (as suggested in ubuntu forums), I could not download/dump/backup my sql file. Also not able to login on phpmyadmin.