My pages are now re-directing to my blog since import

I utilized the blogger plug-in and it worked fine on import. Now I have a huge problem: all of my pages created in wordpress when clicked on my site takes to the blog part of my site with the imported blogger posts instead of my correct page which has galleries etc. Do you know what the issue is and how I can get my pages back? They are in my back office correctly. Example you can see here:

I got it fixed manually with a friend. So relieved, but it is a huge problem if this happens to others

Sorry for late reply.

Can you provide more details about issues? And it will be helpful to others if we know what you have done to fix it.

Hi, I started migrating my blogger to my new wordpress following your video tutorial on Youtube. I have updated my blogger template using the code and I have replaced all 7 “” to my wordpress domain. I also have the blogger.php file but I got stock when trying to use FileZilla. I can’t seem to connect to my host using my Wordpress credentials. (not sure what I am doing wrong).
I also tried using the free migration plugin but the new wordpress no longer has the plugin feature so I cannot import the blogger.php in order to complete the entire process. I need help, please.

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