My new website redirect automatically to my first website I created

Hi guys, I have created a few websites, suddenly all website redirect automatically to the first website I created using easyengine. I cleared browsing history, its still redirecting. Please help me.

This sounds like a proxy configuration mishap. Have you tried to disable and enable the various sites? Or perhaps forcing the proxy container to rebuild and restart?

 sudo ee site disable 
 sudo ee site enable 

To restart the proxy service

 sudo ee service restart nginx-proxy 

Start there and see what happens. I recommend that you read all the logs that you can find.

See Easyengine docs at and if your feeling really brave, learn a bit about docker logs. You are better off figuring out the various commands built into Easyngine, all of which are along the lines of sudo ee log show or sudo ee log show --cli. Trust me when I tell you that getting a handle on docker logs is a bit more challenging at first.

But if you were to tread into the deeper waters try this -

docker ps

You are looking for a container that is named something similar to services_global-nginx-proxy. Mine was actually services_global-nginx-proxy_1 but your may be different. Once you know the container name you can view the logs with

docker logs --tail=20 your-nginx-proxy-from-above-step

Good luck!

Create each site with www, exemple: “ee site create --type=wp” this way the nginx-proxy will understand that they are different sites and create the redirects more correctly, avoiding this error of redirecting to the first site, especially if you use SSL

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