My Comments Manager plugin - updates?

I just installed the My Comments Manager plugin for WordPress, and it looks like a very helpful plugin, but unfortunately the My Comments Manager admin page doesn’t display anything. Since WP3.1, column headers have been managed through the new list table API, so the get_column_headers() and print_column_headers() functions that are used in the plugin to build the table don’t display anything.

Do you have any plans to update the plugin to be compatible with current versions of WP? I’d be happy to submit patches or review. Otherwise, I’d like to fork the plugin to keep it updated, since its very useful and there doesn’t seem to be another tool that accomplishes the same ends.

Thanks, and please let me know if I can be of any help.


This plugin really looks like a very helpful. Have you done changes as per WP 3.1? It will be really help if you share the updates version of this plug-in with me. Also, can “All Comments” option be removed from this plug-in?


Hi All,

First I apologize for such a delayed reply.

We recently started considerable development work on all our plugins and hopefully in next month, we will release fix for “My Comment Manager” plugin with some fixes.

I will update this thread as soon as we have new version ready.



Hi there

Is there any plan to update My Comment Manager so it works with the latest version of WordPress, please?

It's exactly the plugin I was looking for but it doesn't work.

You mentioned back in August 2012 you would be working on it soon but there haven't been any updates for some time.

Many thanks.

Kind regards



Sorry for late update.

I know we couldn’t provide an update for this plugin but we really miss it ourself as number of authors is growing here.

Apart from developing, maintaining such a plugin requires constant work so our team is discussing if we can find any way to monetize it so that we can support it forever.

I will update this thread soon (atleast 3-months). It’s coding won’t take much time but we are really running super busy with our client projects.