My access to the database does not work

People, I need help! in all my server accounts, I can not access the database!

When I enter or ip: 22222 and the first user and password generated by the server I can not access the database access page. It should drop to the database login page, right? but nothing happens, after requesting a new password with the “ee secure --auth” command I tried to login again and received a message that I had not received.

File ./vendor/autoload.php absent or not readable. Most likely you did not run Composer to install library files.

Can someone tell me what’s wrong?

Have you installed any Easy Engine management tools? as ip:22222 is for management of your easy engine install (or more like reporting in my case)

i do not think it will default to the database login page.

What are you trying to achieve?

cd /var/www/22222/htdocs/db/pma
composer install

This should fix your half installed phpMyAdmin.

I didn’t confirm this is the actual location for phpMyAdmin, you must confirm (in your own server).