Multisite + Subdomains not working . Just 1 Subdomain correctly pointing

I setup a multisite on wordpress as subdomain .

Now when I point to the server (default) it works.
If I create a second A record with and point it to a site and rename the URL to that name it shows a 503 error and is not reachable.

If I point a A record to that site and change the URL it works.

How can I make it work that multiple subdomains of a primary domain work? I want to create different demo wordpress sites.

Another thing is how to setup letsencrypt for the multisite network and if there’s a best practice?

Thank you so much for helping!

EE4 installs Wildcard SSL certificate on subdomain site creation. Also config to resolve * is created. You should not face this issue if you have used proper parameters in site creation (Ref. to command doc). Please share the command you used to create the site.
It should look something like this:

ee site create --type=wp --mu=subdom --ssl=le --wildcard

To get another domain to work for your subsite, alias domain support is needed, which will be coming in sometime.

I create Subsites inside the wordpress multisite dashboard. They are not visible in ee…

Do you say I have to use the site create command to create subsites inside my multisite with the --mu command?

I wanted to outsource site creations to a freelancer but he has no access to my root server… nor the skills for that…

You have to create subsites in WordPress dashboard itself.

They are not visible in ee

Did not understand this part.

Do you say I have to use the site create command to create subsites inside my multisite with the --mu command?

No. That command will make sure that Subdomain WordPress installation is done. You can then create subsites from WordPress dashboard itself.

My question is how can I create or add an ssl to a site I created in the dashboard of my main site?

Because a subsite is not visible in ee itself. Therefore I can not use site update - - ssl=le

Hope it’s clear now what I’m struggling with.

Hey there, is there any update so we can use custom domain names für subsites and getting ssl working already?

Or other question : is it possible to create a ssl certificate and install it specific to that subsite?


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