Multisite Media Sharing between subsites

Hello! I’m loving your plugin - it’s awesome.
I have a multisite install with buddypress - the plugin is working correctly on all subsites (which is great), but unfortunately the Media section only contains files uploaded on that particular subsite --> if I go to another subsite and checkout my Media section, I cannot see the uploads from the previous subsite.
I can see the uploads within the Activity Stream (on any site), but not in the Media section.
Is there a way to share the media across all subsites?

Thanks again - I appreciate your help.

@risingflow, As you have mentioned, BuddyPress do not segregate the activities within the MU setup i.e., activities posted on one sub-site will be visible to another site. This is out of box behavior. Unlike BuddyPress, rtMedia have taken care of this issue that is in a MU environment media of one sub-site won't be shown on another sub-site. Though in future, we might add support of this and give admin settings to view media site wise or across the network for MU environment.

I appreciate the reply - I had managed to get close to what I wanted by making RTmedia only load items from the main blog (id 1) by removing references to get_current_blog in a few places as well as replacing the site_url. Unfortunately, this didn't get the thumbnails to load in the media section on other subsites (though the files DID appear) and the Albums list is missing from the upload close, and yet so far. lol. I figured that if I can't get them to share from subsite to subsite easily - perhaps I could just get all the subsites to work off the same table instead. If you have any ideas in this regard - or even a direction to point me in - I'd appreciate it.

Unfortunatelyt, it looks like I'll have to revert back to BP Gallery for now. It's a shame, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for future releases of your plugin - we prefer the interface on yours and we like the addon's you have for sale. If you ever make this option available, we'll be sure to pick them all up. ;)

Thanks again.

Was there ever a solution found for this? I would really really like the ability to have media and albums shared across sites, its proving to be a limitation that’s hard to work around.

Is there anyway to have media and albums save and load to and from one site?

Any help greatly appreciated