Multisite issues

I am using current and latest buddypress & rtmedia, Multisite. Uploads are working fine in activity stream on main ste, but not working on my sub sites. I have made all the right configs/options with both rtmedia and buddypress. Never had this issue till 3.10.9. All subsites were able to share text and images, now that is not working either. Cannot get this work activated on each subsite or network activated. I do not have any other plugs activated besides mycred and pmpro.


Ok well albums on multisite are working from within users profile in Albums. Activity is showing up when I upload from actual profile. Uploads from the main activity is not working.

Hi @zabrinapapin,

This is Sanket from rtMedia team.

We have checked your query and we are unable to reproduce this issue on our end.

Is rtMedia network activated or you have activated it sitewide?

@sanketparmar Thanks for getting back to me. I have it activated Sitewide. I guess, I will start from the beginning and see if the problem resolves itself.