Multiple Sites on one VPS without using WP Multisite

Hi! I've got three separate domains all running their own WordPress installs that I'm trying to move to my VPS. I got the set up and working just fine with your fastcgi_cache config, but when I add to /etc/nginx/sites-available it just redirects to I've attached my sites-available/ to this post. domain2 is set up the same way, other than all instances of are changed to

Am I going about this the wrong way? I do not want to set up WordPress Multisite.

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domain2 is set up the same way, other than all instances of are changed to

You also need to change root /srv/www/domain1/public; for domain2 and domain3. Have you done it?

I also want to know the answer of this.

I want to install multiple WordPress installations for multiple site without using WP Multisite.

Anybody can share a tutorial link or method for it.


ee site create --wp-redis --php7
ee site create --wp-redis --php7
ee site create --wp-redis --php7

What’ difficult about this?

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Hey. Sorry, I am a non-coder. So guide me in a little detial.

For the first installation,

I used this code:

sudo ee site create --wpfc # install wordpress + nginx fastcgi_cache

using puTTY

So, to add second installation what code should I run?

@rahul286 said above in the reply that we also need to change root /srv/www/domain1/public.

I have installed it on AWS, how should I do this?

Thank you in advance

You just repeat the ee create command for every domain you want.

There is no need to code anything, EE takes care of everything. Also, you don’t have to mess with vhost files or configurations (kinda, there will be some situations you’ll need to, but don’t get stressed in advance).

The explanation @rahul286 brought was very specific to a non-standard server. Forget about it.

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I will try this soon . Thank you @portofacil :slight_smile:

I will run this:

sudo ee site create --wpfc # install wordpress + nginx fastcgi_cache

right? You haven’t written ‘sudo’ in your command. Should I ? what’s that?

What about pointing new domain name to the new installation. Since I tried this on AWS free tier. I have used A-Type pointing the public IP that I received from AWS EC2 instance.

Do we get different IP for new domain? How? Do I need to create a new instance on AWS?

Whenever you have time, please respond.

I can’t say anything about AWS particularities. I hope someone else can help with it.

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No issue. I will wait for someone to respond. It was my first day here in this community. Thanks for making it fruitful :slight_smile:



you saved my day.

thank you.

folder root /srv/ is empty on my ee server