Moving to Debian 9?

ee refuses to install on Debian Stretch.

I was very happy with ee, but has no updates for too long. It is time to say “good by”.

Webmin/Virtualmin is present for more than decade. I remember using it a long time ago, found the book about Webmin from 2003

I’m going to install it with this recently updated Nginx module. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:

Hello, I hope you will find a good alternative to EE, but the most part of apps available on multiple linux distributions are not compatible with debian 9 yet.

I have already try to upgrade some servers from debian 8 to debian 9, and EE was still working properly after the upgrade. The current limitation is the initial setup, because it require to adapt packages installed by EE with debian repositories.

Hope one day, ee can live with CentOS

That day might be soon enough. :wink: Keep following the EasyEngine blog.

I tried to contribute on GitHub with few fixes, but nobody responded. For me is too much time to build complete distribution. Current build is broken. Have no working point where I could continue Nginx configuration is overcomplicated, too much repeated code.

There is nothing in ee4 branch, someone is fixing private ee3 branch.