Moving an existing multisite installation to EEv4

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to move a 100+ sites / 25GB multisite installation to EEv4.

I’m using Updraft plus for the migration process which basically works well. What doesn’t work is the old uploads folder structure this installation is using compared to the new one or at least the one EEv4 sets up.

For those that don’t know: WP Multisite was always using some different structure for uploads compared to the non multisite version. The one I’m using is using the later version that utilizes wp-includes/ms-files.php as a rewrite target for static files and the static file urls looks something like They’re saved in wp-content/blogs.dir/$blogid/...and ms-files.php takes care about the rewrite.

EEv4 uses a different way which I assume is also the way WP defaults to now. It saves the files in wp-content/uploads/$blogid/2019/06/test.jpg and the files are then embedded and called without any rewrites with their natural url

So moving this old installation over means this old rewrite method needs to be taken over. I cancelled the migration for now but I somehow need to find a way how to do this best.

Any ideas? Did anyone yet do this?

Oh damn, MU is such a messy thing when importing/migrating. I’ve tried it and there’s a lot of variables to account for. Have you ever thought about exporting them to individual sites? This is impossible for EEv4 due to their 32 site limit because each site creation creates a custom network, which has a cap by design by Docker. They could’ve overcome this by putting all containers in the same global network.