Move the new Albums Dropdown LOWER

Hello, Nice job on the improvements! 2 things...

1 - I need to move the new Albums Dropdown LOWER. So it is across from the Photos, Videos , Music, Albums, Upload. (See attached .jpg)

2 - The new smaller "Drop files here" is nice, but on the iphone there is an issue. It needs to be "responsive" and sit above the media thumbnails. Currently it is ontop of them.

Thanks for your help! Joe

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Thank you for the feedback.

  1. Was a temporary refuge, we'll be moving the dropdown inside the upload box, in the next version.
  2. This is a little buggy, but we're working on it. This will also be fixed in the next version.



rtMedia 3 – fixes many issues.

Please upgrade to latest version. If you face any problems after that, let us know.