.mov files "not supported"

WordPress: 3.8.3
BuddyPress: 1.9.2-7798
rtMedia: 3.6.12
rtMedia Pro: 2.2.2

I have selected video; but listed in the settngs it says it only supports mp4, not mov.

So when a user attempts to upload a .MOV file (e.g. from iPhone) it says “not supported”.

I attempted to add .MOV as an “Other” file type but that didn’t work either.

However, I’ve seen that your readme says you support .MOV - please can you tell me how to fix this?


Yes, by default it won’t any video files other than .mp4 format.

You need to use encoding service which comes with rtMedia. Go to rtMedia addon page {site_url/wp-admin/admin.php?page=rtmedia-addons} and click “Try Now” button to activate encoding service.

Check this doc for more info -> https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/admin/addons/audio-video-encoding/

Hi Ritesh

Given that you are using the default Wordpress media uploader for this plugin, why can I not upload all the file types supported by Wordpress, which include .mov?https://codex.wordpress.org/Uploading_Files

What is it about .avi or .mov files that means that your plugin cannot use the wordpress uploader, and we have to use a different encoder?

Your plugin is great, but the potential that allowing my users to upload video could end up costing me $999 PER MONTH seems absurd, when wordpress supports uploading these file types FOR FREE.
Further, I do not my users to upload their files to any storage outside of my control; nor use an encoder where potentially it could go out of business and then my site will be broken.

I simply want to remove the restriction and allow .mov files, and indeed all video files that can be supported by wordpress, to be used directly to my hosting package.


Hi Rob,
rtMedia uses mediaelement.js to play video and audio. mediaelement.js is part of WordPress itself. It doesn’t support .mov file and that’s why it needed to be converted in .mp4 file.

You can write your custom code if you want to use some other player to play .mov/.avi files.

You can change the allowed file types by using following code in your theme.

function allowed_types_init() {  
    global $rtmedia;  
    $rtmedia->allowed_types['video']['extn'] = array('avi','mp4', 'mov');  


Specify the extensions in array you want to allow to upload.

Ok I checked, It will play .mov files. Try adding above code in your theme.

@riteshpatel where did you enter that code so it allows you to add avi, mov etc extension video… thank matthew

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Hello sir, I am using rtmedia with transcoading but mov video file not converted to mp4 plz resolve this…