More than 2 photos upload to group

If I up-load more than 2 pictures at a time, all the pictures beyond two are NOT placed in the group. It does upload them but they are not visible in the group. (the ‘context’ of the pictures are not right) The URL generated for the first two look like:

But the urls for the 3rd & 4th picture look like:

All 4 pictures were selected at the same time and the user was in the saturday-workshop group. It looks like the context of the 3rd & 4th pictures go to the main wall-post?

Is this a setting that I misconfigured? I’m still new to Wordpress, BP & RT_media. I don’t see why it wouldn’t have the same context for all 4 photos.

Hello @JJSteele,

That is strange. It should work fine.

Please, once cross-check and confirm if you are facing the same issue even if you activate any default theme of WordPress and deactivate all other plugins ( except rtMedia and BuddyPress ).

This will help us to troubleshoot the cause by eliminating any possible conflicts.