More file types

I apologize if I missed this request, but I need more file types, including the MS Office Suite, PDF, TXT, ZIP, OpenOffice, etc... For my project, these are all various medias

Any plans for this?

Hi Denise,

As of now, our focus is to rework the existing code and polish the functionality further. We might make some minor feature additions. However, we don't have any plans of extending the list of supported 'media' file-types, in the near future.

So, unfortunately, this one is out of our current blinkers. If you have some detailed suggestions and/or programming skills at your disposal, please feel free to contribute here: or here, respectively.

After all, it's a community plugin. Feel free to shape the future of it.


Hi, I need the same ahd recently I add a support in forums:

Hi, is there a way to upload files, pdf for example?

I would like create a new tab "files" and creating folders or tags to organize files.

I hope I can do it. Perhaps with a premium addon or premium support?



The only way to do so, right now is via custom development of an addon, since this is a little lower on our priority list for public release. Please get in touch with [email protected] for details.



This will be added in rtMedia-PRO in 2-parts.

First, we will be adding an option to allow "Other" filetypes. That will create a new tab titled "Others" apart from "Photos, Videos. Music". Site-admin can specify which file-extensions will be allowed under "Other" media.

Later on, we will add a UI for custom-grouping. That will help site-admin create custom-groups like "Documents" with example file-type extensions ".doc, .docx, .ppt, .xls". There will be no limit for such groups.

You can get rtMedia-PRO now at discounted price -