Module won't install

Hi there,

the module won't install either by manually installing gitolite or installing through the module... Everything's fine with current gitolite installation till here : "bin/gitolite setup -pk" but at the next step it tells "Unable to connect to server"

Trying to install with the script it's fine until this step: "curl -Ls | sudo bash -s git andreadm UGvjy" I cannot sudo so I cannot run the script actually. Can I run the script just without sudo?

Any idea?

You must have to run the script via sudo privilege user only. The script need to create another user (lets say the git user) , and need to install some more packages (like git to clone gitolite module).

Hence the sudo access is required.

“Unable to connect to server”

It seems like the port 22 is not open on the server.