Modifying footer content

Hi, I am relatively new to WordPress. How do I modify the footer in this theme to display links to my privacy and terms & conditions pages instead of the default archives and blogroll? Thanks,

Hi Mariamat,
You need not modify any files of the theme to achieve this. What you can do is, go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus section and create a custom menu including all the pages you require in the footer and give it an appropriate name. Then go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets section and in the “Footer Widgets” section drag and drop the “Custom Menu” widget and select the respective menu on it.
Let me know if you need further assistance.

hi joshua,
the problem is, i do not see the footer widgets section. i see the sidebar and available widgets section but not the footer widgets section. am i missing a file?
thanks again.

actually, i just figured out how to get the footer widget to show (had to check the footer sidebar settings on the general options page).
is there any way to center or italicize the words in the custom menu?


You can italicize the words in the custom menu by placing the following code in your “Custom Styles” theme option or child theme styles.css

#footerbar .widget_nav_menu a { font-style: italic; }  

thanks again, joshua!