Modify image button on edit media page

Clicking the modify image button replaces the image with a "-1"

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This is a known issue. Basically, we directly use the WordPress functionality. It checks if the user has upload permissions (that only admin, editor roles have). everyone else gets a -1. This has been the case since BuddyPress Media.

We have two options that we are weighing the relative merits and demerits of. The simplest is to give upload permissions to all users (which is natural). However, we need to test extensively and see if it has any undue side effects.

The other is to replicate the WordPress code and just remove the permission check. Again that will need to be synced regularly with every update of WordPress.

Once we get rtMedia to be stable enough, we'll fix this.


Thanks for the update.

I set users as contributors and that seems to give them enough permissions to avoid the -1 problem

r_ellis that sounds like a great solution. After all, BuddyPress members do contribute to the site.

What else can contributors do that subscribers cant?

A Contributor can: delete_posts edit_posts read

A Subscriber can only: read

I don't give any of my members access to the back end of wordpress so the fact that they can delete posts doesn't matter to me

r_ellis neither do I so that works well for me too. I assume contributors can edit and delete their own posts only?


That seems to be a more elegant solution than the options we had. If a site is accepting contributions from users, they should ideally have a 'contributor' role instead of a 'subscriber' role.

We'll consider if we need to add some sort of bulk role changer for this into rtMedia or leave to a more specialised third party plugin, since anyway this would be a one time process. After that setting the default role of new users to contributor will get us the desired result.