Moderation Rights


Just to know, in a multisite & buddypress site, who has the rights to :

  • suppress any photo
  • edit any photo, including title and description
  • suppress any comment on any photo
  • edit any comment on any photo

I ask that because bp-album requires to be multisite admin, which is not good for efficient moderation.

Ideally, “moderators” role should be able to moderate the above operations.

Can you confirm ?



There is no kind of moderation or flagging features in BuddyPress Media.

There is a roundabout way of censoring media, since essentially they are just WordPress attachments visible in the media gallery. Deleting an attachment from the Gallery deletes the Media object and its associations too.

Editing the media and its associations can be done by the author, himself.

Also, in groups, editing is currently disabled.

I do hope you are not confusing this plugin with BP-Album or its now defunct and disappeared offshoot BP-Media, which was never released. Our plugin has no connections with those, whatsoever.

Finally, to avoid such confusion, and because we are doing much more with BuddyPress Media, we are transforming it to rtMedia