Mobile upload issue on Android


When I use my site ( on a mobile device (Android 4.4.2), the ‘Add Media’ button is non-responsive. This is not an issue on the Chrome app, only the standard internet browser.

Specifically, it is not responsive in entries for groups pages ‘home’ tab.

I am using the current versions of WP, BP, rtMedia and rtMedia Pro.

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Hi Justen,

Can you give me screen shot regarding this issue?

The ‘add media’ button does not respond.

Thank you

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Please disregard previous post. Wrong image posted.

Use this screenshot instead.

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So you are saying that in mobile device Add Media button isn’t opening file dialog, right?
Please check rtMedia with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled. It might be theme issue or a plugin creating conflicts with rtMedia.

It works fine in Chrome. It is only in the default browser that this is an issue.

Would that still be caused by a theme issue?

Hi Justen,

We had checked it on our end in default browser and is working fine. Can you please check it with default theme so that we can know whether it is rtMedia issue or theme issue.