Mobile theme format on specified resolution

Not sure if this is something to do with the theme per se, but I noticed when I was showing my website on a low resolution TV screen that the mobile optimised version of the site appeared ie all my sidebar widgets were below my page content.

Is there a way to specify a maximum resolution for showing the mobile optimised format so that this doesn't happen on resolutions of this size?

Hope that question makes sense :-)

Hello Ben,

Can you please provide more details about TV resolution and model number on which you test InspireBook.


While talking about resolution I would like to add a suggestion about it…

Most of the browsers on new generation of smart phones have option to “request desktop version”, so it should open the desktop version on mobile resolution where zooming is allowed.
(Tried on galaxy S3 in Chrome and default android browser, none of them could open the desktop version.)

Maybe having an option/link in the website menu in mobile version (in desktop version the option/link should dissapear…for example youtube)

It would also be helpful for older devices, because it’s impossible to browse. It could be done somehow if older device is detected to open desktop version directly (tried on nokia e7 and Prestigio Archos multi tablet 7", in default browser and Opera mini, same problem, everything is squeezed because the left menu does not collapse/ probably cause those devices do not support jQuery or what is used to automatically collapse the menu)