Mobile menu icon change

Hey, guys.

Earlier today when I was accessing my website via my mobile phone I have noticed that instead of an icon or the word ‘menu’, the responsive version of the theme shows a different character, most likely Chinese or Japan one. I’m not sure that if the problem is only isolated to me or is something that can be changed, will you please provide me with more information about that?

Thank you.

Hello Velinsky,

It seems that your site is unable to loading icon fonts. Check at your end that following CSS file should load on website rtpanel-fontello.css

Hope it helps you.



Thank you for your assistance. Indeed the mentioned css file was added in my CSS minify settings of the W3 Total Cache Plug-in and that was causing the issue in question. However, I have removed it and now the menu icon is properly shown.

Thanks again for your support.

You are welcome :slight_smile: