Mobile JS / Nav Button issue

Hey guys, a million thanks again for prior help, but I've noticed my drop down menu button when in mobile isn't functioning as it should with the starter framework. I can't seem to figure it out. The pages / categories just stays open. Does this have to do with my menu having subcategories or did I accidentally delete something?

I've also been trying to add a search box to the header but when I add custom divs it throws off the theme menu in IE. As i add things the header rt menu dips behind the body in IE making only a piece visible. I tried adding clears but no luck. I think this is causing IE to fail at showing subcategories too. Everything works ok with chrome/firefox.

any help / pointers greatly appreciated.

website is: here

Hi lmcseo,

I found issue in rtp-mobile.js code, closing bracket ")" and semicolon ";" are missing at end of last jQuery function. Add ");" after last "}".

Your last jQuery function code will look like this:

jQuery( document ).ready(function() {  
    var bg_url = jQuery('#header-wrapper').css('background-image');  
    bg_url = bg_url.match(/^url\(['"](.+)["']\)$/);  
    bg_url = bg_url ? bg_url[1] : ""; // If matched, retrieve url, otherwise ""  

    if( bg_url !== '' ) {  
        jQuery('#header-wrapper').css({'background':'none', 'height':'auto', 'width':'auto'}).append('');  
        jQuery('#header-wrapper .rtp-grid-12').css({'position':'absolute', 'left':'0', 'top':'0', 'z-index': '10'});  

Kindly fixed this issue then check the dropdown menu in mobile browser and IE browser.

Let me know if this works for you.

Thanks, Manish

Where is the code place?

Hello Hp3240au,

First of all this thread is one year old, and there are lots of changes we did in rtPanel latest version.

The above provided code need to be place under rtp-mobile.js file, but in latest version of rtPanel we are not using this js file.