Missing "post update" button in profile page

Hello, I’m using RTMedia on my WP website, the post update button is not showing up in my profile page. I’m told that the problem is related RTMedia. BTW I’m using standard WP theme. I’ve tried to deactivate, delete and reinstall it as well. but no luck.

Hello @saeides,

That is strange. Please once try deactivating all your other plugins ( except BuddyPress and rtMedia ) and check whether this issue still exist or not. Could be some plugin is conflicting with the styles.

Thank you.


I’ve done this before. still no luck.

Hello @saeides,

We have sent you private message regarding this.

Thank you.

i have the same problem. im update rtmedia and the button is missing. when i desactivate rtmedia the button appear again

I have same problem!!

Clicking into your “Wall” to post a status update, you can see the javascript fire, but the “display:none” attribute just gets reset so you never see the whats-new-options div. which has been set this way (display:none) by the rtMedia css file.

Hello @Renso_Colimodio and @energyfw,

If this happened after the latest rtMedia plugin update and you are using the kleo theme then there is some conflict exists between BuddyPress’ JavaScript and the overridden JavaScript of BuddyPress used by the kleo theme.

We have already notified kleo theme developers regarding this issue and hopefully will find some workaround soon.

Meanwhile, to make it work you can use below quick fix under custom CSS box at rtMedia > Settings > Custom CSS tab:

#whats-new-content.active #whats-new-options{

I hope that helps you. Thanks.