Missing Playlist Tab

I just installed rtMedia because I saw there was a playlist tab option. However, after installation, I am missing the playlist tab. I am using version Version 4.1.5. How do I get the playlist tab to show?

Screenshot http://f42.4ab.myftpupload.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Screen-Shot-2016-09-16-at-9.22.09-AM.png

Hello @dunnjust,

The playlist feature is only available with rtMedia Playlists addon.

Kindly check out the product here - https://rtmedia.io/products/rtmedia-playlists/

Here is the documentation link for further details - https://rtmedia.io/docs/addons/playlists/

I hope it will help you.

Thank you.

Thank You so much @pranalipatel.

One more question: How can users make blog posts on the front-end? I’d like our users to be able to post to our blog as well? So there would be a section in Buddypress for Blog Post too. Is this possible?

Hello @dunnjust,

We want to clarify on your query that - Are you asking about wp-post?

If yes, rtMedia do not have any addon to generate wp-post from the front end. However, you will find some plugins from wordpress.org for the same.

Thank you.