Minor html code flaw found and some suggestions

Great plugin. A few thing's I've noticed.

1) You have the following in your code:


  • the backslashes need removing as it's being outputted in the rendered HTML.

2) When the window viewport is squeezed, like in a mobile device, the height of the "Like" button is causing the other floated buttons that succeed it to not drop down below it. It results in an unseemly gap as a button is unable to flow underneath it. I know this can be corrected by overriding the .css with a 'min-height' of 24px or above to the various .rtsocial-BUTTON_NAME_HERE-horizontal classes, but just thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

3) The twitter button is showing the post title in the 'title' attribute while the other buttons are not. The facebook button just shows 'Like' in the 'title' attribute on hover. I just thought I'd bring this to your attention.


1) Could you please add rel="nofollow" to all the button links so link juice isn't passed out of the page?

2) Would you consider a smaller sprite instead of the 56KB .png? I think using a sprite is awesome, but for those that just use the standard small buttons, an alternative smaller file would be great.

3) You could make your script even faster by base64 encoding the sprite .png directly inside the .css stylesheet, and using something like '*background: url(/rtsocial-sprite-image.png)' as a backup for IE7 and below. Of course, this assumes you've put together a smaller sized sprited.



Thanks a lot for suggestions. :slight_smile:

I noticed target=\”_blank\” issue and posted it on - https://github.com/rtCamp/rtsocial/issues/12

SEO-nofollow option is already on our list - https://github.com/rtCamp/rtsocial/issues/9

I also appreciate your suggestions about sprite. Added it to our list.

We even thought about Glyphicon support and pure text-based labels

Next release will take some time as most members of rtSocial teams are busy on client work. (which makes it possible to keep this plugin free)

Hi Vinity,

We’ve added a nofollow rel to all the buttons and also added titles. In further versions, we’ll add options to control these. We’ve added the min-height property to the button styles, alleviating the floating bug.

The sprites’ suggestion is great and we’ll definitely implement that very soon, unless we discard images in favour of glyphicons. Our motto is optimization!

Thanks again for the feedback. Keeps us going!


Hi Rahul and Saurabh. Development on rtSocial looks to be progressing nicely. Once you’ve perfected this folks are gonna be bugging you to create a floating bar version (* hint hint *)


Floating social will be added someday. As of now priority is to squeeze performance. You already gave a nice suggestion - Separate CSS-Sprite, to existing list. :slight_smile:

Cosmetics features can be added once we done with optimization.

Hi Rahul & Saurabh. On the version you just updated the title tags have %20 instead of spaces. For future reference, should I put these sort of one-off reports in this thread, a new thread, or do you prefer it be posted to github issues? I don’t want to end up cluttering your forum.

One more thing. Your forum’s ‘Notify me of follow-up replies via email’ doesn’t appear to be sending me reply emails. Maybe it’s just isolated to me, but I thought I should bring it to your attention.


We have noticed that too. Unlike wordpress, bbpress, the forum software that we use, leaves a few things to be desired. We have identified some other irregularities, too. We’ve set some of our best developers at this. They are deep inside the hallowed code of bbpress as I write this.

Thanks and regards.