Migration to RTmedia breaks my site


Me ha llegado vuestro aviso para migrar BPmedia a RTmedia. Hice clic en el enlace para comenzar la migracion de de la DB. Le di a “iniciar” y comence la migración. Cuando solo faltaba por migrar 5 comentarios como se puede ver en la imagen se quedo ahi bloquedao y no avanza al siguiente paso.
Asi me he quedado bloqueado y no puedo completar el proceso de migracion. Con lo cual ahora en mi sitio (www.librecreacion.tk) se han dejado de ver cerca de 1300 imagenes que nos ha costado mucho subir al sitio, sin sus comentarios y con un monton de enlaces rotos ahora. Me parece algo muy grave.

El caso es que no hay forma de al menos poder volver a empezar el proceso o de continuar con el con lo cual mi pagina ha quedado destrozada por completo, ya que estaba basada sobre todo en fotografias e imagenes que durante tiempo llevamos subido al sitio usando vuestro plugin. Y ahora que?¿

Tampoco veo que hayais dado mucha informacion sobre la actualizacion de BPmedia a RTmedia. Algun tutorial o algo. En las novedades de la actualización vienen los fallos que corrige pero no explica todo el proceso para la transicion de BPmedia a RTmedia. Algo lei en algún foro de que iba a haber ese cambio, pero considero que es de esa clase de cosas que bien merece que se le envie un boletin a todos los usuarios explicando eses cambios, la forma de hacerlo y posibles implicaciones o complicaciones que pueda llegar a traer el cambio. No sólo un enlace en el panel de mi blog diciendo que migre mi base de datos y luego suba no se que carpeta a no se donde como toda explicación.

Pero ahora lo que me interesa es que alguien me de una solución y que mi sitio vuelva a la normalidad. Como tengo otros dos sitios wordpress con vuestro plugin todavia no actualizado estoy pensando en en volver a una version anterior a ver si asi por lo menos aunque con sus pequeños fallos se continuaran viendo las imagenes ya trabajosamente subidas al sitio. Y ver otro plugin alternativo al vuestro para subir las imagenes de ahora en adelante, a menos que claro me deis alguna mejor solucion al problema.


I have received your notice to migrate BPmedia to RTmedia. I clicked on the link to start the migration of the DB. I hit “start” and started the migration. When just needed to migrate 5 reviews as you can see in the image Locked There stood there and does not advance to the next step.
So I have been blocked and I can not complete the migration process. Whereupon now on my site (www.librecreacion.tk) have stopped near 1300 images that meant a lot up to the site without comments and with a lot of broken links now. I think something very serious.

The fact is that there is no way we could at least start the process again or proceed with the thus my website has been completely destroyed, as it was based mostly on photographs and images that over time we uploaded the site using your plugin. And now?

I do not see you that you have given much information about the update of BPmedia to RTmedia. Some tutorial or something. In the news of the coming update that fixes bugs but does not explain the entire process for the transition from BPmedia to RTmedia. Something I read in a forum that was going to be that change, but I think that is the kind of thing that deserves to send you a newsletter to all users eses explaining changes, how to do it and possible implications or complications that may get to bring change. Not just a link in the panel of my blog saying that migrate my database and then upload that folder is not no where as explanation.

But now what I want is someone to give me a solution and my site back to normal. As I have two wordpress sites not yet updated your plugin I’m thinking of going back to a previous version to see if I at least even with their little faults will continue seeing the images already uploaded to the site laboriously. And see another alternative to plugin to upload your pictures from now on, unless you give me some clear best solution to the problem.

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Can you please share your WordPress login details with us? We will cross check the content migration issues, and try to fix it asap.
It will be great if you also give us server login details.
Please confirm, you have taken backup of database and uploads folder before starting migration.

Drop me an email with login details @ nitun.lanjewar@rtcamp.com



Thank you for your quick response. I have some questions to know. As I said BPmedia hop to RTmedia I think the information was very inadequate. I’ve already subscribed to your newsletter so that it does not happen again for a possible new change. When the migration process as seen in the image speaks of “making a backup of my database is not that folder and then upload it to no where”???

As there is nothing explained properly and in detail, and I have no idea what I have to do. If you mean to make a copy of my DB or some of its tables on my computer and then upload to any part of my WP installation, which also indicated. As you can see is quite confusing and explained everything.
In a few days I’m going to switch servers and I’ll have to back up all my databases and directories. For migrating all my sites but first I need to have solved this.

I thought I understood that the migration process when you start copying the data that appears during the process: user and group albums, files and comments, which is not where: “Please Backup your DATABASE and UPLOAD folder before Migration”? ???
Not if you create a folder in the process which I doubt because I do not see anywhere, if I have to create myself and where I have much less to climb then the result of that copy. If somewhere within my WP installation or anything. It is not at all clear and that explanation is very generic and does not say anything really. In my updates section RTmedia already appears to be updated after completing the migration.

About that I have the suspicion that migration is completed well actually even say missing 5 Comments to complete the process: “2250/2255”. Maybe it is complete and has been Locked There has been simply the counting direction of the transfer but this has been completed. Possibly following RTmedia update simply serious now and all official, but prefer not to risk it and lose all my information. Do not believe the same should have devised a system to fail if migration to repeat the process?

I have two more sites like this:
In those who also used BPmedia and now I will have to make the migration process itself.

I have no problem to give my login details for you to solve the problem I encounter. Only one hand I still insist that they should give more information. I very much like to settle it but I would like to know as if I get back something. Clear instructions of the migration process and the little that they have insufficient and somewhat confusing. That actually does not say what to do, what folder do the backup, where then upload nor any of the steps to achieve successful migration.
Just today I contact and give my login details so they can proceed to solve the fault. Moreover no data on my server that are as requested. In these things the more specific the better. Please.
Sincerely. David.


Hello David,

Oh, that’s a long comment. I think the only concern of yours is we must need to give proper instructions/documents for our rtMedia migration script. We will take care of this from now. Thank you for your suggestion.

Other than this:
To take backup of database and uploads folder, its a simple thing, I don’t think we need to give more explanation for this.
Generally most of the users install open source WordPress by them-self, and while installing WP install.php always ask to add database details, hence we assumed everyone knows which database backup need to take and where to keep it.
For uploads folder, WordPress provide one uploads folder where all the media are stored, hence its not necessary to explain which uploads folder need to backup.
For where to keep this backups:
This is something I can explain, during the migration process or after completion, user got some errors, then there must be a quick way to restore them (revert everything). For this we must keep those backups file on server. So that it will be easy to restore.

Every user have their own way to take backups and in which place they can keep it.
Let me tell you my way:

  1. I always refer to use SSH (terminal login on server).
  2. Move inside /wp-content/ folder.
  3. Run zip command to compress uploads folder. So it will be in same location where uploads folder is present.
  4. By mysqldump command, take backup of database and store inside wp-content folder.

This is my process of taking backups.

Other users can take help from their hosting company which can take backups as per the requirement. And some other user have difference process for backups.

I hope you can understand, for one thing there are number of ways. :slight_smile:

Hope you will go with your own way to take backups before working on your 2 other sites.



Suppose not think too much: P
Besides sorting not anything at this point.


That grace make me saying that I do that with the other two sites at this point when the first of my sites is lost and still not an answer to my problem are you teasing me?


No. am not teasing you. Just trying to help you out with issues of your sites.
Issues are still exist on your site? Or it get resolved with latest release of rtMedia?