Migration from Wordpress + Woocomerce to EE

HI everyone,

I have have a production Woocommerce site on Amazon EC2 + RDS and I’d like to create a new server with EE and migrate all the site on the new server.

There is any guideline of how to do it? Couldn’t find anything exactly for that.


Hello @Lionel_Pieniazek,

At first, install easyengine and create each domain with the CLI. Then you can use rsync to transfer your files quickly between your servers.

A tutorial is available on EE documentation :

The problem is that the structure of the Wordpress files and plugins are different. For example if I use fastcgi with hhvm on the news site is not exactly asi the old site.

Also I notice that wp-config.php it is located on a different folder on EE.


On the OLD Server I have Apache as a webserver.

You will only sync the root folder of your wordpress sites, and restore your mysql dump.

For example to migrate all wordpress files (command to use on the new server and after removing the content of htdocs folder)

rsync -avz --human-readable --progress user@youroldserver:/path/to/wordpress /var/www/yourwebsite/htdocs/

Actually, one should only have to transfer wp-content and database from origin to destination server.

All the rest should be default, standard.