Migrating Postfix and existing website to a EasyEngine VPS

Hi, maybe there is a similar topic already but I couldn’t find any so I’ll ask for advice and best practice to do this.

I need to migrate existing website (PHP 5.5) that is running on DigitalOcean VPS and I don’t have problems with that, because most of the tutorials/topics already covered it.

The part which is very important to me is migrating Postfix with all user accounts and email related files. Currently the website/domain is using Virtualmin/Webmin as server control panel and standard Postfix/Dovecot for emails. Actually, for outgoing emails we use Mailgun since there are almost 200 employees email accounts and every day is sent more than 2000 emails. So keeping email accounts and data are very important thing of the process.

I know I could install ee mail stack and just copy my current Postfix settings, but I don’t want to do this. I want to switch from the current postfix configuration because it’s all messed up and easyengine provides clean and simple solution out of the box, with nice vimbadmin interface so I can give access to other admins that can manage email accounts. Also, I need postfix to relay outgoing emails to mailgun smtp, and I need sieve plugins for enabling vacation/out-of-office plugin for roundcube webmail, password changes and disclaimer text.

Because of the files structure and virtual users/email accounts in EasyEngine environment, what is the best way to sync all email accounts and messages from my current VPS to the new one with EasyEngine? Is there any automated process to ®sync everything?

If anyone has any similiar experience to share, it would be much appreciated.