Migrate WP from Apache to new host and EE Nginx, with different paths


What would be the best way to do a migration of an existing WP site running on a host with Apache, to a new EE powered host?

The domain will be the same, but the paths on the filesystem will be different.
Plan is(was?) to do a ‘ee site create domain.tld --w3tc’, but with this in mind there is a few things I’m not to sure about how to do in a good way.

  • Path on the local filesystem differ between the hosts.
  • Installed plugins (disable or remove before migration?)
  • W3TC is in use on the current host, should I remove that before migration?

… maybe more things to think about that I’ve missed.
I Have read the tutorial here on rtcamp, but for me it’s still not clear, thinking of my senario.

Thanks in advance!



follow tutorial on link


Um ok, but as far as I can tell, the site copy feature is not available yet so that’s the main reason I’m asking.
It even say so in the bottom of the tutorial.


site copy is in our milestone list. soon ee will be available with that feature.