Migrate to rtMedia from BP Gallery (BuddyDev)?


We are currently using BP Gallery from BuddyDev, but we are interested in migrating to rtMedia. Is this possible? If so, do you have instruction? I can see that you have support docs for migrating from other media plugins such as BBpress Attachments, but nothing about BP Gallery migration.

If it’s not possible for me to do myself, would you be able to do this under a paid support service?

Thanks in advance.

Right now we don’t have any migration script for BP gallery plugin and we never used that plugin, so not sure how it works.
We are running with very busy schedule for client projects and rtMedia features, so may be in future we will think about the migration script.
You can drop me an email (nitun.lanjewar@rtcamp.com) for paid service of this migration from BP gallery to rtMedia. We can discuss further on it and schedule your task.