Migrate to EasyEngine with plugin in 5 minutes

So I installed a clean --wpfc version. There was a nginx helper and w3tc plugin. I replaced this vanilla site with my original one using a neat plugin All-in-One WP Migration, I had no issues. It all took 5 minutes or less.

Now I have a configuration questions:

So when the plugin migrated my old site to ee site, I had all the plugins which were on my original site, meaning that I have no w3tc or nginx helper anymore, and I need to install and configure both. ( I made a w3tc settings backup which I will import)

Is it safe to migrate sites like that to EE, meaning will it alter EE configuration for that particular site?

I can only delete caching plugins from the migrated site and bring back nginx helper and w3tc and setup them again.

Well since nobody answerd, I’ll answer myself to myself or anyone reading this:

Migrating website using all in one wp migration did an excellent job. After migration I installed nginx helper and w3tc back, and configured them. I guess in W3tc page cache should stay disabled because of Nginx helper’s caching with fastcgi which is there instead of normal page caching, I guess.

The thing I am not sure is, should I install OpCache? EE left it out, idk why. Maybe because of --wpfc works better without it. Go figure.

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you can find all details about w3tc configuration with EE here : https://easyengine.io/docs/commands/site/standard-wordpress-sites/

OPcache is automatically installed with php packages, you do not need to install it.

Hey. What I am really asking is if migrating site is safe using the mentioned plugin, is it gonna mess up some wp configuration that I don’t know about?
I ask that because the plugin works in a way that overwrites all the files (plugins too) and database from the original --wpfc. I need to install nginx helper again and w3tc.

I understand that ZendOpcache is installed but: When I run

ee clean all
I get “Unable to clean opcache” Also, when I check my server stats I see that I have ZendOpcache:

It would be great if you or anyone could explain that.

So all I did here was a stable --wpfc installation + ssl (+fix) + linux cron (instead of wp-cron) + php7 update, everything else is as is.

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