Migrate my current server to EasyEngine


I’m new in linux

I’ve my server installed with:

  1. Ubuntu 16.04
  2. Nginx
  3. MariaDB
  4. PHP7

and 5 WordPress sites installed.

My question is, is there a step by step tutorial which I should undergo to use EasyEngine on my server? I couldn’t found any tutorial about migrating already running server to EasyEngine.

I installed EasyEngine, but it won’t detect my MariaDB, PHP, and Nginx installation. Should I uninstall first?


You should start with an empty server, minimal installation possible: EE takes care of all needed packages and services.

There is no way to migrate an existing server to EE (AFAIK).


Like janiosarmento said, you should start with a clean server.

EE will already do all the work for you and in few minutes. And you can have big issues by installing EE on another web server.