Migrate from shared linux hosting to Digital Ocean



I do have a blog on WordPress, currently hosted on linux shared hosting (vapourhost), what is the best way to migrate it to Digital Ocean?

Have Installed WordPress (via EasyEngine) on my droplet.

It would be great, if someone from here can help!

Your easiest method is to use a backup and migrate plugin for Wordpress. There are many and most are good. I use WPVIVID currently but have tried many and they all seem to work pretty much the same. The general process is as follows:

  1. Install migrate plugin on existing wordpress site
  2. Run the site backup process making sure to check all files and databases
  3. Download the file to your local computer
  4. Install the SAME plugin on the new site installation
  5. Use the restore feature to upload and restore your files

There are a few things that can cause confusion. If you are moving to a NEW domain name/URL then you will have to make sure to either use a plugin to cleanup all the old instances of the old URL.

If you installed caching on the new site and you restore your original site, you may see some remnants of the test site until you clear all caches.

If you use any permalinks but plain you may have to go to settings -> permalinks and set to plain, save and then set it back to whatever you had previously selected. This should “reset” the permalinks and assure they are all working as expected.

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