Migrate from BP-album to rt-media


We are currently using BP-album for our members, but we want to begin to use rtmedia. Are the any ways to import/migrate all the pictures++ our users have over to rtmedia?

The BP-album to rtMedia importer was present in 2.8 version (http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/buddypress-media.2.8.zip), so you can use this version and import all the content from BP-album to rtMedia and then update rtMedia to current version.
We advise you to perform this on demo/test environment first, and if all goes well then you can do same on live site.


Thank you for your fast answer. I have tried the 2.8 version but I could not find any import menu, button or other hints of where to start the import from. Are there an url code to use or was there something wrong with my version?

Make sure BP-album plugin is installed and activated in your WordPress site.
The importer menu will show under BuddyPress media -> settings. See the attached image.

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Ok, I will try again and hope for better luck this time. Thank you so much for helping me with this.