Meta tags error

Hello, good day, when loading the media page the tags of the social networks, fail leaving in my page unwanted text, thanks in advance.

Hello @gabriel_yzturriaga,

Could you please share some screenshot of your query so that we can understand it more clearly?

Also, if it is possible kindly share the debug info with us. You can find it under rtMedia -> Settings -> Support -> Debug info tab.


Hi, nice to meet you

this is the error, is only when i click on media tab

debuginfo.txt (5.16 KB)

Hello @gabriel_yzturriaga,

We checked your website for mentioned issue and also tried to replicate in our test website but couldn’t regenerate the issue.

Please, find this attached screenshot:

Additionally, the text your are pointing ">adminsabroso</a>"/> ">adminsabroso</a>"/> seems to be part of any other third party plugin and not from our plugin.


<meta property="og:title" content="<a href="">adminsabroso</a>"/>

This tag is not formed properly. Content should only contain the text adminsabroso and not the whole link. Please, have a look at here:

I hope it helps you.
Thank you,