Mentions activity stream auto load issue

Hi all,

Posting an update with an @mention does not auto load the photo into the stream. The @mention and update is auto loaded onto the stream with missing photo. The page needs to be reloaded for the photo to display.

There are no auto load issues when posting an update in the activity stream with a photo and just regular text (no mentions), it auto loads onto the stream with the photo and no need to reload the page.

How can I fix this?

Thank you!

p.s. using latest wp, bp, rtmedia versions no other plugins

Is this a ‘max links allowed’ per post issue?

Hi @froster3

That’s strange. I just checked it on my local site and on our demo site as well but couldn’t reproduce the issue. What do you mean by image is missing? Is the photo with broken link or completely photo markup missing? Can you give me more details about possibility of ‘max links allowed’ per post issue? I can’t find such settings. Also give us debug info from rtMedia admin > Support > Debug info.


Hi @riteshpatel, It seems to work only if privacy is enabled in rtmedia settings. If off the issue occurs.

Hi @froster3

Thanks for letting us know the scenario. We confirm that this issue is exist and it will be fixed in future update of rtMedia.


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